Jamey Boiter

Principal | CEO

Jamey first thought he’d be an architect when he started college—until he took his first graphic design course. After attending Clemson University, Jamey received his BFA in design from East Carolina University’s School of Art and Design. Fast-forward 30-something years, he is a nationally recognized brand strategist and practitioner. For over 25 years, he was BOLTGROUP’s Brand Principal and headed up all brand strategy, design, and experience teams. He has led award-winning strategic brand development and design experience programs with world-class brands such as Kobalt Tools, Coca-Cola, Kraft, IZOD, Ryobi, David Donahue, Comfort Revolution, Petmate, Sterno CandleLamp, and FOX Rehabilitation, just to name a few. Jamey has been a featured speaker at national conferences and college campuses, a writer on the subject of brand strategy, design, and experience, and a featured blogger for Fast Company. Jamey has served on the Executive Advisory Board for the Charlotte Chapter of AIGA, and on the Advisory Board for CPCC Advertising + Design. In addition to numerous design awards, honors include being a Business Journal “40 Under 40” and Graphic Design USA’s People to Watch recipient. His current focus includes charting the growth and success of BOLTGROUP over the next 10-15 years and building the brand, something he’s very accustomed to for many, many clients around the world.

Is An Expert In:

Storytelling + Brand Making Finding + Expressing the Why in Brands Design + Creative Strategy Leading the Way from Dark to Light Sense of Direction The Collision of Brand + Innovation Design Thinking

What Makes Me Me:

Affinity for Great Brand Experiences Creating Great Brand Experiences Family A Good Dog An Old Land Rover College Football Bleeding Orange Pirate at Heart Toy Collecting Lover of the Single Malt Home Restoration Laughter—Lots of Laughter
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