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The Alera light, designed by BOLTGROUP, created a new aesthetic in suspended lighting.
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Architects, designers, and facility managers are tough to please. They specify lighting for their building projects with a long list of guidelines. Alera Lighting, a division of Greenville, SC, based Hubbell, asked BOLTGROUP to design suspended lighting for open plan architectural spaces to meet the needs of these discriminating customers.


The BOLTGROUP design team was called upon to meet a range of criteria. Novel aesthetics, easy installation, light quality, environmental standards, and efficient power usage were just a handful. The Alera light created a new aesthetic in suspended lighting. With a translucent body it provided the option for ambient glow or direct light. And the molded end cap created a visual statement unique to this category.


Focus groups conducted by Alera with architects and designers showed the new design achieved winning marks across the board—even with this tough to please audience.


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