Re-Igniting the Fire

BOLTGROUP created a new brand strategy, as well as the development & deployment of an integrated brand identity system throughout CandleLamp.
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Brand Strategy

Brand Architecture

Brand Naming

Visual Identity System

Experience Design

Color Palettes


Brand Design + Communications

Digital Design


App Design

Content Strategy


Art Direction

Brand Guidelines


Visual Brand Language

Product Design


Fleet Graphics

Brand Coaching + Training

Brand Stewardship

Brand Production

Fabrication Coordination + Fulfillment



How does a brand that hasn’t changed in 40 years go from past to present in just a few months? CandleLamp is an industry leader in the food service sector, providing solid and liquid fuel, chafing products, flameless candles, and tabletop lighting for catering, hospitality, and retail. While their business is progressive, their brand was not. They needed a spark, a connection to their market. Something to show they were busy innovating their position and their products.


CandleLamp’s business was growing, but the brand was not connecting with customers. It needed a fresh update for the launch into retail. Customers rated their service as second-to-none, but their visual expression and way of communicating didn’t reflect their great people. The company needed to create interest in new products and in the innovation that was stirring internally. It needed fire.

CandleLamp Logo Comparison

By looking at who CandleLamp really was and what a world-class brand should look like in this category, we got a picture of where to go. BOLTGROUP took the new foundational truths of the brand and helped executive leadership redefine the brand positioning to incorporate the value of its people and the innovative spirit that was at work.


Since we teamed with them, CandleLamp re-emerged like a phoenix and has dominated sales and show presence. What it took was a new brand strategy, and the development and deployment of an integrated brand identity system throughout their business. Included were new product naming and architecture, product package design, and color system, vehicle livery, and campus signage. That brightened things up.

In 2012, CandleLamp was doing so well that they purchased their main competition in chafing fuels—a brand you may recognize—Sterno.

CandleLamp Truck Graphics

Before our corporate brand identity with BOLTGROUP, our look was behind the times, and our touchpoints looked like they came from different companies. The new identity is modernized, distinctive, and captures our leadership position."

— Michael Pacharis, VP of Marketing

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