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With your business goals in mind, we build brands driven by purpose and empathy for authentic connections.

With knowledge and experience, we turn insights into winning brand strategies. With empathy and creativity, we imagine and construct memorable brand and design experiences. And with innovative craft and design, we bring strategy to life through meaningful and effective brand communications. This head, heart, and hand approach empowers you to connect more intimately with your customers and users.


Our Design Innovation process for brand design and communications includes:

With the goal of building a sound strategy, we conduct research throughout North American and East Asia, as well as in Europe and South America. And we have a network of trusted partners in most every corner of the globe.
Some Of Our Techniques:
  • Ethnography
  • Human-Centered Design Sessions
  • Online Bulletin Boards
  • User Shadowing
  • Quantitative Surveys
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Mind Mapping
  • Data Clustering
  • Insights Translation
  • Focus Groups / Mini Groups / IDIs
  • Online & Mobile Surveys
  • Tracking Studies
  • In-Store Intercepts
  • Digital Anthropology
  • SEO Keyword Mapping
What We Deliver:
  • Employer Brand Research
  • Ethnography & Human Insights
  • Innovation Process Coaching
  • User + Consumer Insights Research
  • User Insights Videos Highlighting Opportunities for Innovation
  • User Persona + Scenario Descriptions
  • Equity Baselines
  • Market Research & Segmentation Studies
  • Materials + Technology Research
  • Consumer Validation Testing
  • Usability & User Experience Testing
  • Growth Strategy
  • Lifestyle Trend Research
  • Digital Content Audit & Assessment
  • Service Innovation Opportunity Analysis
Our approach requires a deep immersion into your business, using a trifecta of insight-gathering research, customer empathy, and competitive analysis to uncover the latent opportunities of your brand.
What We Deliver:
  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand Pillars
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Value Propositions
  • Brand Story
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Alignment
  • Color and Trend Analysis
  • Color and Trend Forecasting
  • User Persona + Scenario Descriptions
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Content Strategy
  • Future Scenario Visioning
  • Gap Analysis and White Space Opportunity
  • Paid Media Channel Strategy
  • SEO Keyword Roadmap
  • Service Implementation Planning
  • Social Media Roadmap
From logo and wordmark development, through full identity systems, color research and specification, packaging, merchandising, art direction, and complete brand communications and guidelines, we help you create a Brand Ecosystem that effectively communicates your brand promise to your constituents. Then we design seamless systems and experiences that are memorable, beautiful, and from a consumption standpoint, irresistible.
Verbal Strategy:
  • Verbal Identity Systems
  • Company, Product + Service Naming
  • Voice
  • Messaging / Copy
  • Nomenclature + Naming Conventions
  • Linguistics
  • Trademark Screening
  • Naming Research
Brand Design + Communications:
  • Corporate / Brand Identity Systems
  • Experience Design
  • Logo / Logotype
  • Color Palettes
  • Packaging, Merchandising + Retail Design
  • Brand Communications
  • Brand Image Art Direction
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Visual Brand Language
  • Wireframing
  • Low / High Fidelity Prototyping
  • Website Design
  • Usability / Testing
  • UI + UX Design
  • App Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Digital Storytelling
  • 3D Rendering / Animation
  • Branded Video Content
  • Service Concept Design—UI/UX, Processes, Language,
  • Technologies, Environments
  • Visualization Via CAD, Animation, Video, and Storyboards
Every internal and external brand experience should be designed. We can assist you in implementing the right strategy to ensure your audience hears your beautiful brand promise loud and clear. That includes production, fabrication coordination, and fulfillment. Music to your ears? We thought so.
What We Deliver:
  • Implementation Strategy + Execution
  • Brand Stewardship
  • Brand Coaching + Training
  • Brand Assessment Audit
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Production, Fabrication Coordination + Fulfillment
  • Social Curation
  • Content Creation
  • Product / Brand Launch
  • Digital / Advocacy Marketing
  • Digital Campaigns

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