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Sustainability is one of the biggest business challenges today. It is a complex and rapidly changing field, and it can be very difficult for businesses to manage the application of sometimes esoteric economic and ecological thinking to established products and brands.

At BOLTGROUP, we have a clear vision of sustainability based on the triple bottom line, an idealistic yet realistic balance between profit, people, and planet. For more than 35 years we have gained a broad perspective on brand, design, and problems of our clients in a wide range of industries—from multibillion multinationals that are some of the best-known brands in the world, to inventors, entrepreneurs, and startups. In gaining that perspective, we saw a lack of applicable, understandable sustainability tools that worked for our clients. We want to change that.

The BOLTGROUP Sustainable Performance Toolkit is a resource to guide designers, clients, and partners in making environmentally responsible decisions. It’s designed to kick-start problem-solving, embed sustainability criteria into the design process, and serve as a foundation for creating innovative businesses, products, and brands with sustainability at their core.

White Paper
Illustration showing many icons coming out of a lighted box while three human figures look on
By Matt Green

The BOLTGROUP Sustainable Performance Toolkit

illustration of sustainable design venn diagram
By Monty Montague

Design for the Common Good (and Profitability)

Sustainable design is good for people, planet, and profits. Manufacturers that invest in sustainable design are reaping greater revenue and recruiting more employees. Learn six ways you can too.
By Matt Green

A Pathway for Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is rapidly emerging as a priority for US businesses. At BOLTGROUP more of our clients than ever before are rethinking their packaging systems, driven by a combination of...

Case Studies

Sustainability is an evolving area of our expertise. At BOLTGROUP, we look to eliminate the smoke and mirrors of greenwashing and show real world examples of how these tools have worked for clients. We also reference other businesses who have innovated and solved sustainability problems. Sustainability needs to be a collaborative and open-ended improvement process. We all need to learn from each other and look for great ideas wherever they are to solve the challenges we face collectively.

Explore our case studies to see how these sustainable tools can add value to products and brands and meet business challenges head on.

Legrand Forum in meeting space

A Flexible Solution for Hybrid Collaboration

Legrand | AV collaborated with BOLTGROUP product and brand development teams to reimagine flexible office furniture for a hybrid work future that continues to evolve.

Delighting Guests & Empowering Team Members

BOLTGROUP was brought in to reimagine Chick-fil-A’s consumer packaging as a cohesive system to unlock efficiency and improve sustainability while showing guests a thoughtful approach to every single meal.
Dematic Automated Guided Vehicle VNA Series

Automated Guided Vehicles: Modular Design VBL

Through the principles of Design Innovation and Design for Manufacture (DFM) BOLTGROUP worked with Dematic to develop a modular family of autonomous vehicles with longer product life and improved serviceability.
BenchTop Pro in Use

Creating a New Eco-Friendly Consumer Category

BOLTGROUP partnered with CRC to design, develop, prototype, and manufacture their first ever consumer product, the SmartWasher BenchtopPRO.
Jacobsen Eclipse 322 Golf Mower On Green

A Cut Above In Sustainable Design

BOLTGROUP’s mower design provides increased safety, comfort & performance for users & a strong aesthetic statement that enriches the Jacobsen brand.
teacher in front of whiteboard in classroom

A Sustainable, Simple, Yet Distinctive Interactive Whiteboard

BOLTGROUP helped Polyvision develop a design strategy and initial product designs for a cost-effective, durable, easy to use, and sustainable smart whiteboard system for the classroom. The product family earned...
AirDye Logo

Making the World Thirst for It

BOLTGROUP created the core brand foundation, brand positioning & brand personality for a new technology with great potential to save water–AirDye.

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